MildMania, LLC, brings new experience in design and development of interactive products. Mild Mania, mainly focuses on mobile game development formed by talented core members in the field. Mild Mania is committed to create a new and natural way of interaction with high-quality and innovative games. We believe in fluidity, simplicity and user experience. Mild Mania is dedicated to bring the mobile games one step further in each game we bring to market.

MildMania's mission is to make a significant impact on the mobile gaming industry, which increased it's popularity extraordinarily in recent years.

MildMania, formerly as BUGGUM, elected as one of the first 15 startups of Turkey in 2012. In 2013 Mild Mania's research funded by TUBITAK, the leading agency for management, funding and conduct of research in Turkey.

MildMania released it’s first title “Darklings” on 27th November 2013 which was featured globally on the Best New Games category. Darklings has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 and ranked in more than 100 countries worldwide which includes couple of Top #1 ranks. Darklings also won Excellence in Gameplay award in Crystal Pixel awards, chosen as 4th SlideDB Game of the Year,  nominee & best art finalist in Casual Connect IndiePrize and nominated in BestAppEver awards, PocketGamer awards which are still ongoing competitions. Darklings got strong reviews from all over the world media in a short time and the momentum continues.

As MildMania, we offer the following:
    •    Social, Casual, Arcade, Indie game design and development,
    •    Game concepts and development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, PC
    •    Game platform ports: PC to Mobile,
    •    Advanced programming, frameworks and plugins, prototyping,
    •    On time and on budget shipping. 








Welcome to Slayerville where you are locked in BRUTAL PvP BATTLE to become the next king! In this PvP Action RPG, you’ll use a combination of deadly arcade combat skills, tactical collecting, crafting, upgrading, and custom defensive strategies to defeat your foes in 1-on-1 action, take their trophies, and move up the league ladder from PEASANT to KNIGHT to ROYAL to KIIIING!

And the lovingly rendered, meticulously crafted, retro-contemporary pixel art? So glad you asked. We did it for you, we did it for us, we did it for gaming, and we gave it our all. We hope you’ll enjoy the sugar-rush of nostalgia as much as we enjoyed slaving over literally every pixel to pay proper respect to our favorite games and animated productions!

Key Features:
• RAID YOUR ENEMIES with the most intuitive and tightest arcade controls ever seen on mobile
• COLLECT LOOT by slaughtering monsters and opening chests
• CRAFT WEAPONS AND GEAR to become more and more powerful
• HATCH AND RAISE MONSTERS to defend your castle and resources
• RANK UP IN PVP by earning trophies through both offense and defense
• BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM DEFENSES in a deep level-editor tool that’s easy and fun to use

Please invite your friends to join you in this all out pixel brawl for dominance!








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