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We provide quality mobile games with long life cycle that steadily engage the gamers of all ages in all platforms.
Nitrid Game is a leading global mobile games company, which provides high quality mobile games to games all over the world, gamers of all ages and all type of gaming.

Nitrid Game develops and publishes mobile game apps across multiple device operating systems – iPhone and Android. We are very proud of our proven track record to deliver high quality & engaging mobile games.

Our Establishment
Driven by passion for mobile games, Nitrid Game was founded in 2010 in İstanbul, Turkey to gather an elite team of like-minded enthusiasts to embark on even more fun and amazing game projects.
Rapid Growth
Since 2011, Nitrid Game had grown into a global company with development and publising capabilities worldwide,
providing high-quality mobile games for all major mobile platforms including Android and iOS.
Thanks to the support of a worldwide user base, mobile games from Nitrid Game continuously enjoyed top rankings globally.

Starting from 2012, Nitrid Game marked a new stage of development by entering into a strategic partnership with Pivot Game and Bekasoft.

Our Future
Nitrid Game continues to expand its partnership network with game developers and publish high-quality mobile games,
including online mobile games and stand-alone games. Nitrid Game seeks relation ships with all promising game companies,
whether they are experienced developers or startup companies. By leveraging a strong publishing network and marketing capability,
Nitrid Game will continue to pave out the road to success for mobile games.







Mongers Guild

Mongers guild. trading simulation game. Trade between 7 and 21 cities according to the degree of difficulty. Each has 14 different products and each city can produce 2 special products. Buy the product you see cheap and sell it to another city at a higher price. Compete with more than 30 opponents who do it with you. Do you want to produce the products? Then rent that city's factory by auction for 30 days.
monger guild wants to give you trader experiences.
We welcome your feedback to give us more support.
Have fun.








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